Racing for your Home Team

28 Oct 2015 0

So I just have to share with you how lucky we are to live in this beautiful area that offers our kids so many unique opportunities! My son Jared got involved with the mountain bike team for high school age kids last year as a sophomore.

This is his second year riding and to see how much he has grown in his technique, strength and confidence with riding has been unbelievable.  I just have to say it is such a crazy fun sport to watch.

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The Buena Vista Racing team has such an amazing group of boys and girls that compete every other weekend with the season running from September through October.  We were fortunate this year to have a local meet out at the McMurray Ranch in Nathrop.  This was such a great opportunity for locals to come out and see what mountain bike racing is all about. The Southern Conference raced on Saturday, Oct. 3rd, and the North Conference raced on Sunday, Oct. 4th. The team and many locals volunteered that weekend to make the race a great success!  The team was even voted and awarded for being the All Star Team South Conference. We really are lucky to have this area that offers so many trails for these guys to ride.  Many days after school if you were up in the Midland Trail area you might have seen them riding.

These kids go out and give so much with competing against others or against themselves. The best part is they have so much fun! I have never seen so much team, coach and even us crazy parents support. We have had so much fun with this group from team dinners and traveling with tents and campers to stay the weekend where their race is at!

We just finished the season last weekend with the state races being over in Eagle.  I’m not sure I’m ready for it to be over myself.  This group of kids has had so much fun together and have just encourage each other the whole way.  Buena Vista offers so many other sports and activities that really let kids be unique and find what fits them!  How can anyone find a better place than Buena Vista!

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